Customer testimonials

We get a lot of compliments from happy customers. Here are just a few of of the letters we have received.

coloursI was really remiss in not writing to you when my jacket arrived! The holidays caught up with me and I lost my sense of time. But I must tell you that I love it and it fits perfectly, thanks to your good measurements. (It’s not easy when you’re one size on the top and another on the bottom!) I have a sneaking suspicion that as time passes your lovely work will be my best memory of the trip to Nova Scotia. I am really looking forward to the weather getting cold enough for me to start wearing it. I know I’ll get lots of compliments!

Many thanks for your wonderful craftsmanship!

E.B., Mt. Kisco, NY


Dear Hilda,
You adjusted my husband’s vest so it fits perfectly. Now he can use and enjoy it because it is a beautiful accessory.

E.L., British Columbia

Shuttle and bobbinGood day to you two in the great East. I did get my sweater and I do love it.  I have worn it on a few evenings.  It works as a coat out here.  It is warm and comfortable.  Unfortunately my first one is getting worn out.  [The writer’s first sweater is 7 or 8 years old and he wears it everyday.]  You will remember it as the gray and blue pullover.  It has had more than its share of miles.  The elbows have worn through and the cuffs are getting tattered looking.  There is no way I will ever stop wearing it, but I think it has seen its last church service and other dress up occasions.  The brown pullover is taking over that role although it has not seen any days at work.  The gray still does that one.  People know me by my gray sweater.  I thank you  for this.

K., Delta, BC

pedalsDear Hilda,
I’ve been thinking it over, and decided I may as well have the skirt made to go with the vest, and then it will make a nice outfit for our cold winters! … I’ve had so much pleasure from my jacket, and many  compliments, and no doubt I will have more with the complete ensemble. Thank you for your kindness and consideration.


Dear Hilda,
The parcel containing the jacket and your letter arrived today! The jacket is beautiful and fits well.  I will be so pleased to wear it this fall.  Thanks again for making it and mailing it along to me.  Your work is beautiful and I wish you much success in the future.


Dear Hilda de Weever:
Thank you for the lovely jacket!  It looks and fits great!  I am most satisfied.


Thank you so much for the skirt which arrived yesterday.  It’s a perfect fit.  How do you do it with just a tape measure and no fitting? Thanks again from a very satisfied customer.

M., Halifax, NS

Dear Hilda,
Thank you for the delight your cardigan brought me!  It fits perfectly and looks good on me.  I don’t  know how you do it.

N., Burlington, ON