For the Best Fit – Big and Tall, Plus size or Petite

measurement chart
Please refer to the following when filling in your personal measurement chart below or on the order form.

  • Hats: Measure around the largest part of the head with the tape above brow.
  • Sleeve Length: With arm relaxed at side and slightly bent, measure from centre back neck, over point of shoulder, down the outside of the arm to the wrist.
  • Chest: Measure just under the arms and across the shoulder blades holding tape firm and level.
  • Bust: Measure at the fullest point of the bust and across shoulder blades, holding tape level.
  • Hips: Measure around fullest point of seat while standing.
  • Mittens: Measure around the knuckles with hand flat (exclude the thumb). Number of inches equals mitten size.
  • Length: Measure from centre back neck to the hem length desired.
  • Shoulder Width: Measure from tip of one shoulder across back to the tip of the other.

measurement-chartLeft: Personal Measurement chart (same as on order form)

For more ordering information, see the Introduction to Our Catalog.